5ht abnormal abnormalities absolute abuse acc amnesia ampa amygdala anterior antipsychotics anxiety asd atypical auditory autism baculovirus bayesian bdnf behavior behaviour bit blindness bmi brain cerebellum chemokine cholinergic cingulate cns coarse coding cognition comorbidity competitively congenital consolidation cortex cortisol creb crime cytokine decoder delete-this-page dicrocoelium disadvantaged disease disorder disorders disorganized dissociation dissociative dj-1 dlpfc dopamine dorsolateral drugs dysregulation ecology emotion emotional encoding epilepsy evolution evolutionary expectation "_f" failure filter fine food-intake frontal frontal-dysexecutive function functional gaba gad67 gat1 genelinkage genetic genetics glutamate glycine guillain-barre gut gwas hallucination hallucinations hippocampus hyperserotonemia hypothalamus hypothesis immune infection inflammation information inhibitory-circuitry kluver-bucy learning left lobe long-term-memory love lrrk2 manipulate manipulation masochism mechanisms memories memory mental mesolimbic microglial mimicry molecular motor muscarinic music mutual narcolepsy necrophilia neurodevelopment neuroethology neuroimaging neuroimmunology neurotransmitters nextgenerationsequecing nfkappb nigra nmda nos obesity octopamine ofc olfactory opioid orbitofrontal organized paedophilia paraphilia parasite parasites parkin parkinson's pathology pedophilia pet pfc pi3-k pink1 pitch pkb plasticity pns positionalcloning predictive prefrontal prepubescent psychogenic psychopathologies psychopathy rabies receptors reconsolidation redundancy rem retina retrieval reward reward-processing right s sadism scans scenes schizophrenia self-regulation sequencing serotonin sexual shannon sleep snca ssris striatum subcallosal substantia syndrome temporal temporal-limbic testosterone toxoplasma toxoplasmosis transmission trypanosomiasis ventromedial violent virtual visual williams

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